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Crochet Problems

So whilst crocheting this evening I realized that crocheting causes a lot of problems. BUT, those problems are all negated once there is a finished product :p Anyway, here’s my list:

1.  Hand cramps.  I hold my yarn weirdly so I always get a cramp in my left hand.  Plus, theres the cramp in the right hand just from holding a smallish hook.

2.  Yarn traps heat.  No matter what type of yarn you use, the warmer your body gets underneath.  Of course it depends on the size of your project, but even a ten inch wide project can get quite warm.

3.  So much effort for zero profit.  Lets be realistic here.  Not very many people in the US economy have money to spend freely and selfishly.  Nobody is going to buy a $50 pair of slippers you whipped up in five hours.  Of course it’s like being paid $10 an hour (which would be nice for once), but who’s really going to buy that when you can go to the dollar store and buy a pair for $2?  Until the economy gets better, or you become a faster crocheter, the prices can get quite ridiculous in a short amount of time. (That’s why we all buy the patterns for a fraction of the cost, right? hah)

4.  Wide range of creativity.  There’s just so much stuff in the world to spark creativity that you just want to crochet all the things in the world.  Unfortunately there are not enough hours in a day some days (especially if you have a family or full time job.)

Agree?  Disagree?  Have some problems of your own?  Submit them :D

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